‘Teaching you to make money while at rest’. Under the leadership of Dr. Hassaan Tohid with his highly skilled team members comprising of renowned speakers , trainers and coaches we train CEOs, executives and organizations in groups/ in-person/online and through seminars & sessions- for life coaching, executive coaching, health, relationships, leadership skills, public speaking skills , marketing strategies, sales expertise, professional writing skills, time management skills and personal development of all kinds.
Inspired by Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn, our team delivers their services nationally and internationally .

About Dr. Tohid:

Dr. Tohid is a neuroscientist and counselor, published author and a renowned public speaker (TEDx speaker). He is also the Editor-in-chief for 5 scientific journals and an Editorial board member for more than 100 scientific peer-reviewed journals. His area of expertise is public speaking, leadership & success coaching, counselling, personal development training for CEOs, executives and companies.